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Why is Happiness Good for One’s Health

Good health and happiness go hand on hand. Living a happy life will your immune system sting, your heart healthy and extend your life. Happiness is one of the main causes of batter health. More research is being done to untangle the relationship between the two. This write-up is going to share the various ways that link happiness to good health.

Protecting One’s Heart

Both happiness and love are good for the heart. Research has proven that happiness is effective in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Research has also established a link between heart rate variability and happiness. Individuals who are living a happy life have are less like to suffer from heart healthcoronary artery disease and other heart problems. It is therefore essential to express positive emotions such as enthusiasm, contentment, excitement, joy, and happiness. Every point of positive emotions expressed will lower the risks of heart diseases.

Combating Stress

There is an association between stress and positive emotions. People living a happy life have lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone as compared to those who are least happy. Positive emotions are helpful in lowering the level of blood clotting proteins. A study that was conducted in 2009 proved that stress-free students recover quickly from heart ailments.

Happy people have Few Pains and Aches

Living a stressed life is literally painful. A study that was conducted in 2001 revealed that participants who were unhappy experienced negative symptoms such as dizziness, heartburn, and muscle strain. Individuals who live a happy life are generally healthier than those who are unhappy. You can lower the level of pain by expressing positive emotions. This is the best way of mitigating pain associated with various diseases.

Lengthening One’s Life

Longevity is one of the ultimate indicators of good health. The positive feelings such as contentment, love, gratitude, and amusement can lengthen your life. There is a strong relationship old manbetween longevity and happiness, but this does not extend to the very ill. Furthermore, positive emotions are helpful in lowering the risk of death especially in patients who have AIDs and diabetes.

Combating Disability and Disease

Happiness is known for improving long-term, severe conditions as well as short-term pains and aches. Optimism and happiness can protect women against breast cancer. Frailty is another health condition that affects the old people putting them at risk of death and disability. Happy seniors are at low risk of getting heart ailments and stroke.…