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Hal Grant and Pete Apostolou in the
WDBJ-TV Studio.
Nature Boy Ric Flair
Early Photo of the Nature Boy
George Becker in action.
Ray Stevens
George Becker and Jack Witzig
Southern Tag Team Champs 1956
Aldo Bogni, George
Harris, Bronco Lubich
Lars and Gene Anderson
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Tex McKenzie
The Bolos
Kurt and Karl Von Brauner
Brute Bernard and Skull Murphy
The Kentuckians: Tiny Anderson
and Big Boy Brown
Lou Thesz
The Viking and Two Ton Harris
Becker and Weaver vs. Pampero
Firpo and Missouri Mauler
Haystacks Calhoun
Ole and Gene Anderson
Mr. Wrestling Tim Woods
Thunderbolt Patterson
Bobby and George Becker
Terry Funk NWA Champion 1975-1977
Bobby Becker taken in 1953 a
year before his death.
George Scott