More 60's and 70's Photo's
1967 Lumberjack Match between
J.C. Dykes and the Infernos vs.
Bronco Lubich, Aldo Bogni, and
Homer O'dell. Les Thatcher,
Johnny Weaver, and George
Becker are among the
Lumberjacks at ringside.
George "Catalina" Drake
He formed a successful
tag team with Luther
Lindsay in the 60's.
Luther Lindsay
George Becker, Johnny
Weaver and Brute Bernard
Klondike Bill backdrops
Nikita Mulkovitch.
The Alaskans Mike York and
Frank Monte
Greenville SC Promoter Paul C.
Bob (Buck) Ramstead
Rip Hawk, Argentina Apollo, and
Swede Hanson
Art Nelson
Photo courtesy of Brad Anderson from the
Anderson family Collection.
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