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There Is Hope for People Who Understand the Sugar and Cancer Connection

Sugar And Cancer Connection (2)

There is a raging debate about possible sugar and cancer connection. Some people disagree that sugar has any links to growth of cancerous cells while others give evidence to the contrary. Many argue that sugar intake doesn’t directly cause cancer but merely leads to obesity which creates hormone imbalance and in turn heightens the chances of getting cancer.

The connection between sugar and cancer

In 1934 Otto Warburg a Nobel laureate in medicine discovered that cancer cells have different metabolisms in comparison to healthy cells. In his thesis, Otto showed that malignant tumors often exhibit increased anaerobic glycosis. This means that cancer cells utilize glucose as fuel and release lactic acid as a byproduct. This is an inefficient energy metabolism pathway in which only 5% of energy is extracted from simple sugars that are ingested. Such extreme energy wastage is what causes malnutrition and exhaustion among cancer patients.

  • Regulating blood sugar

Sugar And Cancer Connection (1)This is useful information for the cancer patient who needs to stop the malignant cells in their tracks. Understanding the connection will help people plan meals that favor healthy cells. Increasing the intake of foods with a low glycemic index ensures healthier infusion of sugars in the bloodstream as opposed to high glycemic foods which strain the pancreas as it tries to stop spikes in blood sugar levels.

Cancer therapies shouldn’t eliminate carbs and sugars but rather, find ways to regulate them using medication, exercise, supplements and appropriate medication. Most oncologists are guided by the concept that sugar feeds cancer’ which is why they inject glucose into them before chemotherapy or radiation. This lowers pH of cancer tissues which increases their sensitivity to heat, making them easier to target and kill.

  • Protect yourselfSugar And Cancer Connection (1)

If you don’t have cancer it is possible to protect yourself by controlling how much simple sugar goes into your body. It might not be easy but dramatically cutting sugar from your diet might be the way to save yourself from many cancers. Foods don’t need added sugars to make them palatable as everything has its own natural sweetness’. Eat fiber rich foods to slow down the infusion of sugar into the blood and selectively starve the cancer.

There is definitely a connection between cancer and sugar which must be taken seriously by those who want to live their full lives. Many people who understand this and take appropriate action end up beating terminal cancer as well as diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.…