Mike Cline Photo's
The Bolos
The Great Bolo and Bolo
Bloody Bolo
The Infernos wearing the Southern
Tag team belts.
Inferno Frankie Cain
Jody and Larry "Rocky" Hamilton
Masked Marvels
Special thanks to Mike Cline for
sharing these photo's with us.
Friday July 3, 1959
Senior High Stadium
Statesville, NC

Billy Two Rivers vs. The Great Bolo
Slave Girl Moolah vs. Ann Regan
Buddy Lee vs. Tinker Todd

Mike Cline told us that this was his first ever
live event. Wow! Thanks Mike for sharing this
with us.
These two clips represent another card that
Mike Cline attended in Statesville, NC.

September 2, 1960
Senior High Stadium
Statesville, NC

The Great Bolo vs. Tosh Togo
Mike Paidousis and Jan Madrid vs. Pete
Managoff and Angelo Martinelli
Darling Dagmar vs. Baby Cheryl
Vince Bryant vs. Johnny Heidman
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