Why is Happiness Good for One’s Health


Good health and happiness go hand on hand. Living a happy life will your immune system sting, your heart healthy and extend your life. Happiness is one of the main causes of batter health. More research is being done to untangle the relationship between the two. This write-up is going to share the various ways that link happiness to good health.

Protecting One’s Heart

Both happiness and love are good for the heart. Research has proven that happiness is effective in lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Research has also established a link between heart rate variability and happiness. Individuals who are living a happy life have are less like to suffer from heart healthcoronary artery disease and other heart problems. It is therefore essential to express positive emotions such as enthusiasm, contentment, excitement, joy, and happiness. Every point of positive emotions expressed will lower the risks of heart diseases.

Combating Stress

There is an association between stress and positive emotions. People living a happy life have lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone as compared to those who are least happy. Positive emotions are helpful in lowering the level of blood clotting proteins. A study that was conducted in 2009 proved that stress-free students recover quickly from heart ailments.

Happy people have Few Pains and Aches

Living a stressed life is literally painful. A study that was conducted in 2001 revealed that participants who were unhappy experienced negative symptoms such as dizziness, heartburn, and muscle strain. Individuals who live a happy life are generally healthier than those who are unhappy. You can lower the level of pain by expressing positive emotions. This is the best way of mitigating pain associated with various diseases.

Lengthening One’s Life

Longevity is one of the ultimate indicators of good health. The positive feelings such as contentment, love, gratitude, and amusement can lengthen your life. There is a strong relationship old manbetween longevity and happiness, but this does not extend to the very ill. Furthermore, positive emotions are helpful in lowering the risk of death especially in patients who have AIDs and diabetes.

Combating Disability and Disease

Happiness is known for improving long-term, severe conditions as well as short-term pains and aches. Optimism and happiness can protect women against breast cancer. Frailty is another health condition that affects the old people putting them at risk of death and disability. Happy seniors are at low risk of getting heart ailments and stroke.

Revealed – why losing weight naturally is crucial to your health


One of the weighty and crucial topics still bothering some members of the society is the weight issue. Unknown to most of us, paying too much attention to how we look can be hazardous to our health. It’s even worse when you are trying to make all the necessary adjustments on yourself to please someone else. The beauty of going with the flow is that you have nothing to get worked up about. You’ll just have to go about your business and begin to notice some beautiful changes in your outward experience.

Reasons why you should consider losing weight naturally

fgdfgdfgdfgrtytryFor a long time, most of us have been struggling with dieting and other measures. You just have to admit that it’s not a walk in the park especially if you’ve been down that road. Needless to say that it’s a journey which needs concerted efforts as well as a positive attitude.

What if you turn over a new leaf and try to do things differently instead? It wouldn’t hurt. On the contrary, you have so many blessings to look forward to as well as count. Try losing weight naturally, and everything else will eventually fall into place. By naturally, what is meant is that you shouldn’t pay too much attention to things that don’t really matter.

For example, walking to the store to do your shopping and foregoing a lift is one way to do it. You will eventually begin to notice a positive change in your physique. Play and run around with your kids is another way of naturally losing weight.

The crucial aspect of natural weight loss to your health

Some examples have been mentioned above on how to keep your health in check. Walking is good for your heart and improves it by the day. It gets even better when you do it as often. However, you should be careful not to strain yourself too much. You just have to be comfortable while you are at it.
Getting intimate with your partner is another way to lose weight naturally. It’s also good for your health in several other ways. This includes improving the metabolism levels among others. Your self-confidence is also built when you work some muscles under the covers.

Organize some healthy meals, drinks, and snacks every once in a while. Make them just the way you like them. This is the beginning of having a wonderful existing relationship with your physical being. Treat yourself well every day in every way and wait for the intense results.

Natural weight loss has to start with you

gfhfghfghgfhfghfghContrary to popular beliefs, self-love is one way to help yourself lose some unwanted pounds. Pampering yourself is a good way to initiate the entire process. Your goal is to get to know yourself even better than those close to you ever would. Also, you will learn to love yourself. This will see to it that you reject any kind of mediocre treatment given to you by outside parties.

The importance of ‘me’ time is for you to recharge and discover some hidden truths about yourself. This will see you engaging in all the healthy activities that will keep the doctor away.

There Is Hope for People Who Understand the Sugar and Cancer Connection

Sugar And Cancer Connection (2)

There is a raging debate about possible sugar and cancer connection. Some people disagree that sugar has any links to growth of cancerous cells while others give evidence to the contrary. Many argue that sugar intake doesn’t directly cause cancer but merely leads to obesity which creates hormone imbalance and in turn heightens the chances of getting cancer.

The connection between sugar and cancer

In 1934 Otto Warburg a Nobel laureate in medicine discovered that cancer cells have different metabolisms in comparison to healthy cells. In his thesis, Otto showed that malignant tumors often exhibit increased anaerobic glycosis. This means that cancer cells utilize glucose as fuel and release lactic acid as a byproduct. This is an inefficient energy metabolism pathway in which only 5% of energy is extracted from simple sugars that are ingested. Such extreme energy wastage is what causes malnutrition and exhaustion among cancer patients.

  • Regulating blood sugar

Sugar And Cancer Connection (1)This is useful information for the cancer patient who needs to stop the malignant cells in their tracks. Understanding the connection will help people plan meals that favor healthy cells. Increasing the intake of foods with a low glycemic index ensures healthier infusion of sugars in the bloodstream as opposed to high glycemic foods which strain the pancreas as it tries to stop spikes in blood sugar levels.

Cancer therapies shouldn’t eliminate carbs and sugars but rather, find ways to regulate them using medication, exercise, supplements and appropriate medication. Most oncologists are guided by the concept that sugar feeds cancer’ which is why they inject glucose into them before chemotherapy or radiation. This lowers pH of cancer tissues which increases their sensitivity to heat, making them easier to target and kill.

  • Protect yourselfSugar And Cancer Connection (1)

If you don’t have cancer it is possible to protect yourself by controlling how much simple sugar goes into your body. It might not be easy but dramatically cutting sugar from your diet might be the way to save yourself from many cancers. Foods don’t need added sugars to make them palatable as everything has its own natural sweetness’. Eat fiber rich foods to slow down the infusion of sugar into the blood and selectively starve the cancer.

There is definitely a connection between cancer and sugar which must be taken seriously by those who want to live their full lives. Many people who understand this and take appropriate action end up beating terminal cancer as well as diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Importance Of Good Mental Health

Mental health refers to the social, emotional and the psychological well-being that affects how we behave, think, and also how we feel. It is important to realize the factors that affect the mental health as they are necessary for taking the necessary steps to ensure good mental health. Some of these factors include the biological, family history and the life experiences. Therefore, attaining a good state of mental health is very vital in most of the life situations.

In this case, the importance of good mental health includes the following:

Importance Of Good Mental Health (2)

  • Improves the life quality

It is only possible to attain the best or quality life when we are able to deal with life stresses and other difficult psychological and emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, worry and stress, addictions and frustrations.

In this case, good mental health is vital in dealing with the above-mentioned problems to achieve a peace of mind and to live happier and better lives. Therefore, good mental health is very important as it is a product of many good things that happens in our lives.

  • Reducing medical costs

As a matter of fact, the mind is the main cause of most of the chronic diseases. In this case, some of the diseases are related to the psychological problems that the mind undergoes. In addition, a mental problem is a condition in itself that requires the attention of the doctor to correct or to treat the disorders that result from the same.

Most important to note is that mental problems come with many other diseases or the mental illnesses and disorders that make an individual to suffer both emotionally, psychologically, and thus may call for medical attention.

  • Work productivity

Basically, productivity in any sphere or work requires a peace of mind. Without the peace of mind, a person cannot be effective or productive since he or she is mentally disturbed. In this case, a person who is suffering from mental problems such as stress, anxiety or any other psychological problem, the person in this situation may not be able to achieve the targets or the goals set to be achieved. Therefore, good mental health is very crucial in work productivity.

  • Maintaining good relationshipsImportance Of Good Mental Health (3)

Another important benefit of good mental health is maintaining better and good relationships. Ideally, a person who has got a piece of mind is able to cope and to relate well with colleagues, friends, and relatives among other people. On the other hand, without a peace of mind or mental stability, it becomes difficult for one to relate well with other people.

In summary, good mental health is an asset comes with several benefits in many spheres of life. Therefore, it is important to maintain the same so as to enhance productivity and to achieve life goals.